TSI (a.k.a. Trinkle Sales, Inc.) is a Manufacturers’ Representative firm with a long history of serving the electronic industry in the Middle Atlantic States.  Our beginning coincides with the very dawn of radio, but our founder's interest in electronics began before that.  As a teenager Wilmer Trinkle was building components by hand and working his wireless equipment in Philadelphia.  After his military service in World War I Wilmer worked as an engineer for the Bell Telephone Company.  At the same time, he was the Technical Editor for the Public Ledger now known as the Philadelphia Inquirer.  

One of Wilmer’s regular readers was the owner of a manufacturers' representative firm named L.P. Clark, whose firm “Trink” joined in 1924.  Clark died in 1931 and Wilmer bought the firm from Clark's widow.  This places TSI as one of the first firms formed that's still in existence in the USA and the first resulting from an acquisition to continue.